The Webshop is now open! — 04/28/21

Today, we are pleased to announce the opening of the webshop!


The Topup page is where you purchase currency.
ZP will be used exclusively on the webshop for now, but it will also be the currency you subscribe to Premium with in the near future.
To celebrate the opening of the webshop, we added a Luminous Spy Dagger variant as a limited time offer to each of the Topup packages for free! These exclusive items are available until July 1st, 2021.

Currently, we only offer a single payment method which is PayPal. We are planning to add more payment methods as time goes on.


The Limited item section will initially have two rows, the first row contains new items and redesigns, while the second row can contain new items and a variety of discounted items from the ingame shop. Items will cycle weekly on Wednesdays, keeping the webshop fresh with new content every week.
Upon clicking the buy button, a small confirmation window pops up, showcasing the items you are about to receive and the remaining balance after the purchase.
After your purchase, the item(s) will be available in your inventory immediately.

As time goes on, the online shop will keep on evolving and receiving new features.
Additions such as the premium subscription and the premium-exclusive black market are going to be available in the near future, stay tuned!

Xero Team

The Webshop is now open! - Xero