Developer Letter 4 — 06/11/20

Dear community,

Welcome to a more compact form of our developer letter. As mentioned previously, we are now switching to more frequent but shorter letters in order to keep everyone up to date with our development progress.


Xero is now accepting applications for staff positions and content creator jobs. Feel free to make an application by heading over to and following the process.

List of staff positions:
Ticket Agent
Tournament Organizer
Tournament Judge

List content creator positions:
3D Artist
2D Artist

All positions are currently accepting applications for English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic languages.

We thank you in advance for your interest.

Name Reservation Bonus Items

As you may very well know, bonus items were added to the player and clan reservation plans in Since then, we implemented brand new visual effects and improvements to the game, so we thought these special items should receive one of those effects! Here is some new ingame footage of said items:


The first update is regarding the scoreboard view, it has been revamped and room information is now fully displayed. Here is a comparison:

Since the time we posted the previous development letter a little over a week ago, we have implemented most of the concepts in the game. We prepared a video showcasing the fully functional halftime break with the legacy interface at the end, we also extended the time you're able to change your character during halftime from 10 to 20 seconds, please take a look:

Lighting has been improved across all maps, the character now matches the environment of each map.

That's it for today's developer letter, we hope you had a good read! Open beta is right around the corner, so stay tuned!

Xero Team

Developer Letter 4 - Xero