Xero Open Beta — 07/03/20

Dear community, it's time.

By publishing this developer letter, we have opened the gates and Xero is now available to play for everyone.

In this letter we are going to strictly focus on the open beta and what to expect during the testing period.

Account Information

The open beta will be used as a testing ground for new features, user progression, balancing, performance and overall gameplay. It is expected to run until October 2020, during that time the main focus will be on the full release and fixing any issues that come up during the testing period.

When open beta ends, accounts will receive a soft wipe. Here is a list of what remains in your account after open beta:
— Name
— Clan
— Limited items

...and a list of what is wiped:
— XP
— Stats
— Regular items

Currency (PEN/ZP) that is earned will be added back to your account on full release with a 20% increase, including what was spent on regular items. Consider it a refund of sorts for your time testing out the economy system.

Level Rewards

While leveling up in open beta rewards you with strictly Currency (PEN/ZP), upon reaching Pro Level (41) you are rewarded with an exclusive limited item that can't be obtained after open beta, this will be the only way to obtain this specific skin.

Axium Sword
Leveling in general has been reworked, both XP gain and time required to reach certain levels were adjusted and balanced.

Game Modes

Regarding game modes, one of our main goals for open beta is to revamp and reintroduce them. While there are only Touchdown and Deathmatch available on launch, we plan on reintroducing the remaining modes one at a time on a regular basis.

The first mode we plan on reintroducing is Chaser, which should come shortly after launch. The rest of the modes should follow on a slower pace.

The end goal is making every game mode fun, engaging and rewarding to play. Specific mode changes and improvements will be addressed in a future developer letter.

Economy System

As mentioned in earlier developer letters, the economy system is something we are keen on perfecting in Xero, making it rewarding to play and grind, while simultaneously increasing the value of your account.

The shop was completely reorganized and polished, event items like Summer or Halloween outfits have been vaulted and are scheduled to be released during their appropriate time periods as limited and rare items.

It has been a long time coming! We thank you for your patience and continued support. If you encounter any issues feel free to either write a ticket or use the #help channel in our discord. Here is a permanent invite link: https://discord.gg/urCMyVC

Xero Team

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