Developer Letter 5 — 10/21/20

Dear community,

Welcome to the latest iteration of our developer letter. In this letter we are going to showcase some of the upcoming website features, ingame features, UI elements and more! To begin with, we would like to thank everyone for supporting the project since open beta release, it's been a rocky couple of months but we finally pulled through. The feedback we received has been a great source of motivation.

With the game approaching the stability we desire, we decided to resume development on all ends. We will also start accepting more staff applications soon so make sure to check them once in a while as well. Now without further ado, let's begin.


The website will start receiving updates and features gradually. We will start with player and clan profiles, then continue with main feed, topup, online shop and so on...

This is what a player profile looks like at first glance:

You can now view a player's ingame characters and equipment through their profile:

As well as their match history with detailed statistics:

Here is the basic implementation of clan profiles:

Player and clan profiles are now fully accessible. We will keep advancing our features and adding functionality to our website in the coming days.


Xero's gameplay and mechanics have been a hot topic ever since release, we recently polled the community twice in order to decide on a specific physics system and start building around it. We decided to go with the new physics system after the second poll. An update unlocking the FPS back to unlimited for the Swords Only channel will follow after this announcement.

From this point on we will start improving our physics system and fixing existing issues. Thank you for your feedback!


Now that we reached everyone's favorite category, we would like to start off by introducing a new ingame feature that aims to improve the player's gamesense and awareness: Visual Damage.
You will be able to see a visual representation of the damage you inflict on enemies in 3D space, very similar to games like Quake or Fortnite.
This will be a toggleable option through the upcoming settings menu.

We finally started transforming the game into the vision and goal we sought for the past couple of years. That said, here is a little sneakpeek showcasing the upcoming lobby:

With visual overhauls, features that are custom and were impossible to implement with the old UI are now possible. Here is a closer look at our upcoming ingame shop:
Our shop will have 2 new tabs, Limited and Premium. Which brings us to the next category.


The Limited tab is going to have content cycled through and purchased exclusively with Tokens, our cash currency.

The bottom part is reserved for items that already exist in the Costumes and Weapons tabs.
While the top part is reserved for items that can not be obtained elsewhere.

Every single item in the game will now have a specific rarity. A rarity of an item is determined by the backdrop color you see behind it. Here is a brief explanation of rarities and what to expect from each one:

COMMON — Base item.
UNCOMMON — Colored base item.
RARE — Advanced item.
EPIC — Colored advanced item.
LEGENDARY — Custom / Seasonal / Event / Exclusive item.

The Premium tab is an exclusive-access shop for players who are subscribed to our monthly membership.

It will contain player and clan related upgrades such as boosts, namechanges (both player and clan), clan expansions, clanmarks and more...
Our upcoming monthly subscription will boast the following advantages:

— Access to tons of chat emotes that can be used ingame and in lobby.
— A shiny golden name ingame and in lobby.
— 20% Bonus XP & ZP earned from matches.
— 10% Shop discount on all items.
— Premium shop access.

— Having and maintaining a certain amount of subscribed clan members will unlock custom and animated clanmarks for that clan.

Here is a showcase for the upcoming animated clanmarks, implemented and working as intended ingame:
Before accepting financial support to cover expenses, we wanted to make sure what we are offering is worth that support. We hope that we can meet your expectations at the very least.

That's it for today's developer letter, we hope you had a good read! Expect a new letter bi-weekly, showcasing the future and releasing planned updates. From now on the website will start transforming into a social hub for all players to enjoy.

Stay tuned till next week! We have much more to reveal.

Xero Team

Developer Letter 5 - Xero