Patch Notes 3.31.2021 — 03/31/21

A small patch addressing more issues and finalizing the recent balance changes.

Temple-M (Night)

Spawns are no longer randomized and now match Temple-M.


Dash attack (RMB)
Added critical hitbox on the second hit.
Added stagger on all hits.
Disabled the pullback before the dash.
Increased travel distance.
Decreased attack delay.
Decreased travel speed.

Heavy attack (LMB hold)
Added critical hitbox.

Jump attack (LMB mid-air)
Added stagger on last hit.


Charge attack (RMB)
Can now be performed with no SP.

Twin Blade

Charge attack (RMB)
Can now be performed with no SP.
Decreased attack delay.

Normal attack 2 (LMB)
Added critical hitbox on last hit.

Counter Sword

Fixed effect colors.

Revenge (RMB hold)
Added 50ms delay before activation.

Heavy Machine Gun

Normal attack (LMB)
Increased windup duration by 50ms.

Rail Gun

Charge attack (LMB hold)
Fixed uncharged damage output.

Patch Notes 3.31.2021 - Xero