HOT TAKE: Challenges shouldn't feel like a part-time job, they should be fun and not boring yet challenging as the name emplies, maybe add missions/challenges that meets the type of player, for example, if I am a mostly play TD the missions should be around that and challenge my self, deal 3k damage in a single match, score 3 td's in a row, Kill only using a specific weapon, and more shit, still based around what THE PLAYER LIKES TO PLAY, that is why people "afk farm" the challenges because they are BORING, I don't wanna play 4 matches of chaser i would rather see paint dry.
One of the Challenges goals is to revive other game modes, so people get outside their comfort zone and try to enjoy other modes and get creative. Now your attitude about them makes you feel they are part-time job, speaking of myself I find it a good opportunity to have fun gaming sessions with my friends, already daily missions are as you describe player based and even rotatable to suit your taste, so it's not that bad if u went outside your TD mode for one day/week for a change in my opinion. Chaser may not suit your taste, and people started suggesting ways to make it more enjoyable, In the meantime for me, I do them on the unlimited channel, and they are super fun, and here is a small clip about it and u can find more on the clan page, so u can find your own way if enjoying the events for now.
Only right answer here. They are not meant as a job and you should complete them naturally while having fun, if you force them on yourself, don't do them. Do them because you like them. We have more challenge improvements in the works too.
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