You don´t just answered to the comment, you tried to invole him/she in a discussion,
(just like a kid, that desperately tries to win a discussion), altough no one starts it
-lol. Im glad, that you let me choose what i think, but you still miss my point, but ok.
God has given you a brain and if you can´t use it, it´s not my problem. If you don´t try to defend
or be on the side on somebody, why you answered to the comment of xero with
,,The only fix missing is unban @Mia because boring and dead now“ and why
you still playing this game, cuz its ,,boring and dead now“?
From the beginning you tried to defend Mia lmao, but i think you dont noticed it, maybe you are blind of love? And it dosent matter, if apple have
a problem with mia or not, its not you´re business. How i said, she just wrote an opinion,
what you still can´t see. And you think apple and mia are the same toxic/negativ players?
I dont know you, but i think you also dont know apple or mia personally and if you think, that
dosent matter, if you don´t know them or the stories, then why do you still talking about this situation? Are you still trying to defend Mia?
He involved himself in the conversation by commenting lel
(So the kid it's not me considering i replied with some facts and he disappeared from existence)

My comment was clearly "ironic" lmao ,do you think i obiously expected Mia to get unbanned because of it? XDD

My comment was related to only (i do actually think it for real tho lmao it is indeed little boring without some healthy/funny drama kek), not the game.

If Apple has a problem with Mia it's not in fact a problem of mine, but if i didnt know that Apple does same/worse than Mia i wouldn't have had nothing to tell him lmao
She wrote an opinion, which is fair, and i did same, bringing up something to him, expecting a reply from him not from you. (BTW why you acting like you don't know Apple lol... you two are in the same clan and clearly you are speking for him/her...Apple doesn't have a brain to reply by itself? Why are you being his/her bodyguard? As he's the one that replied why isn't he talking anymore but you are? Are you getting paid? Is he/she/it your Bf Gf Mascotte?? lmfao)

I don't want to even start commenting and replying your accusations about kid bla bla and how i use or don't use my brain, like you still misundersting my comments too the same way you saying i am misunderstanding yours.
Believe it or not, i'm not here writing all this shait to defend another person trust me XDD

Also as i wrote already but i'll repeat myself, i don't need to "know" the way you mean it any of them.
I have my eyes and i know what i saw, and the fact that Apple is trying to be the poor little angel talking about negativity and toxicity but then first time i see this person i read in chat "hvrenhsohn" because time of a room wasnt completed for event makes me laugh so hard lmfao, just ridiculous.
Incoerent and fake.
Interfered in the conversation or has given an opinion are two difference things?
And again how i said, just an opinion. He/She dosen´t need to justify himself/herself or
owes you an answer? Ironic or not, you have to be careful with that what you write.
It dosen´t matter if i know apple or not, because it has nothing to do with
this discussion right now. Do you realize that you contradict yourself? (,,but if i didn´t know that Apple does same/worse than Mia i wouldn´t have had nothing to tell him lmao“. ,,(which is not even at same level as i never saw ,,big“ insults from Mia for example)“ That´s your words.)
Do you know mia or not ? You tried to involve apple in a discussion, cuz your´e words are the proof. You saw how apple blew up a player with hur.... ?
Where do you get the right to equate people, altough you don´t know them or the stories? (example: Mia and apple) I would like to know what does negativity or toxicity mean to you? Are u sure, that mia and apple are on the same negativity level? Also if you heard or see an inslut from somebody, you cannot equate them on the same lvl, altough do you dont know them.
I'll make it crystal clearn for your peanut brain:
-I've seen mia's comments around
-I've seen ur crying gfs "hvrensohn" insult to a random guy that ended the game before she could do the challenge

Where is my contradiction?

Apple crying for bs reason makes her go mad like a 12 yo kid and starts insulting someone elses family.
Mia provoking people on because 80% of posts are just so r3tarded and useless LOL (most of times so funny lmao)

So, to reach some conclusions, i don't really need to "know" them to speak about this topics.

And to clarify (again): i am not here to be the protector of anybody, or the judge of peace.
I don't like fake people and incoerence, like Apple did with the comment (opinion) she left.
"Mia should stay banned because negativity gnignignignigni"
Ok, if so, i can't wait to ban Apple too because of her insults and, if you don't agree with me about "She should stay banned for toxicity" you are incoerent too with double standards.

Ah and don't get me wrong, i go full insults with people too, i'm not trying to be the angel here either, but i'm smart enough to do it in whisps kek
I am not judging and talking about toxicity itself but this persons fakeness and incoerence but anyway:

This is going to be my last comment to you.

Enjoy life and your fake moralism and icoerence.

In my opinion, you are one who judges lightly about others and draws a conclusion,
of course, at your discretion. I don´t need to know more.
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