Halloween is here! — 10/26/21

Welcome to the first Halloween event in Xero!
We hope you're excited to see what we have in store for you this time around.

Now without further ado, let's get straight into it!


PEN & XP rates have been doubled for the entirety of the event!


The web shop is going to be extra spicy this time around, capsules are making their debut with this event!
This year's Halloween costumes and a special edition Axium Sword will only be obtainable through these limited time capsules.

For fairness purposes, an insurance was placed at 50 buy-ins to guarantee a permanent Legendary item.
More capsules, including PEN capsules are coming in the near future!

Please note that capsules will never contain any pay-to-win mechanics or methods, and are purely cosmetic in rewards.
Visit the web shop for previews and more!


Today we are excited to introduce our first custom map, initially designed by the talented community member Anutim for a soft-entry to custom mapping in Xero.

As an early creation, you will find yourself going through familiar spots inspired by Neden-1.
Jungle should feel right at home while playing and moving around, but do not be fooled as it is filled with advanced maneuvers and an abundance of tricks to discover!

With the release matching our Halloween event, we decided to give Jungle a little twist! The area has been taken by a storm with only a few spotlights left to illuminate the map!
Enjoy this Halloween limited edition version of Jungle for the entire duration of the event!

Here are some previews:

Have fun and let us know what you think! This is a map that will keep on evolving as time goes on, eventually it will have its own unique assets and theme, so look forward to that!


Who's the spookiest of them all?! Let's find out!
Submit your scariest, deadliest, or dare I say... most attractive characters!

Start date: October 25th at 11:59 UTC
End date: November 2nd at 00:00 UTC
Type: Ingame screenshot of your character
Theme: Halloween, scary, ghosts, spooky!

Each player is allowed to submit 2 characters per submission, one male and one female.
To participate, create a ticket using the Halloween Character Contest and attach image(s) of your character(s).

Prizes: (per character)
1st place3,000 & character render in full HD with multiple poses!
2nd place1,500
3rd place1,000
4th place10,000

We are looking forward to your submissions!


Complete the Halloween rotation of challenges and earn exclusive limited accessories as well as a hefty amount of PEN!
Head over to the Halloween challenge page for more information.

Stay tuned for more events and announcements in the near future! Happy Halloween!

Xero Team

Halloween is here!