Map changes and fixes!
Map changes and fixes are finally coming to Xero...
Avatars, Socials and more to come!
A sneak peak on upcoming profile features and customization...
Developer Letter 5
In this developer letter we are going to showcase some of the upcoming website features, ingame features, UI elements and more! Including a preview for the new shop with new details.
Xero Open Beta
In this special edition of our developer letter we provide important information regarding the open beta. Including accounts, level rewards, game modes and the economy system.
Developer Letter 4
In this developer letter we showcase visual improvements, new effects, ingame footage and more. This also marks the switch to a more compact update method with shorter but more frequent developer letters.
Developer Letter 3
In the third and biggest developer letter yet, we provide an ETA for open beta and reveal a ton of information as we get close to release. We also showcase gameplay footage, concept updates and new features.
Developer Letter 2
In the second iteration of our developer letter we discuss future plans and show you a glimpse of what's to come.
We also preview the core features, mechanics changes and concepts coming in Xero open beta.
Developer Letter 1
This is the first iteration of our developer letter, in it we tell the story of how the project came to be and share what we have been doing behind the scenes in terms of major features, optimizations and fixes coming in Xero closed beta.
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