Premium Memberships & more! 11/26/22

We are very excited to announce the launch of premium! A monthly subscription service with various benefits.
In addition, we introduce a brand new currency and talk about upcoming game updates!

New currency: Gems

The main topup currency is now Gems, a complementary addition to ZP and PEN that will allow us to provide a more diverse and balanced economy.

ZP and PEN can now be earned by exchanging Gems directly. Gems follow a 1:1 ratio with ZP and can be swapped through

With this change, the value of every topup package was significantly boosted as well! Check out the new rates at

Premium (Beta)

The long awaited premium membership is now available!
For 825 a month, you can enjoy various benefits. As we finish running internal tests and finalizing features, more and more benefits will start to be available for your active subscription. More details below.

Premium Benefits
Bonus PEN & XP

By being subscribed to premium, you receive +70% XP & PEN for every match you play! This stacks on top of our regular +30% XP and +30% PEN booster items as well as double rate events!

Blackmarket access

The blackmarket is a premium-only shop that will contain exclusive content and unique, rare items.

Golden name (website only, for now)

Whether you're on the news feed, profile, or on the leaderboards, your name will appear shiny and golden! This feature is coming soon to the ingame scoreboard as well.

Emotes (website only, for now)

Use your favorite emotes on the news feed, xero chat, and soon ingame!

Animated avatar (website only)

Premium subscribers can use animated .GIF images as their avatar.

Upcoming Premium Benefits
Clan boosts

One of the main upcoming features currently being tested internally is clan boosting.
Players who have an active premium subscription will receive one clan boost per month for free!
Each clan will have its own boost meter, but players can use their clan boosts on any clan.
Various advantages are unlocked after filling the meter, one of which is the long awaited custom clan mark!
Stay tuned for an entire news post going through this benefit in more detail when it's activated.

Premium nametags

Players who subscribe to premium will have an active nametag visible behind their name ingame and on their website profile.

More benefits are planned for the near future!

Premium Month Streaks

In addition to all these benefits, subscribers can unlock exclusive prizes with 3-month streaks and above, don't hesitate to subscribe for multiple months and get immediate access to these rewards! Go premium at


Balancing and bug fixing is one of our main priorities currently, with major balance updates in the works revolving around equipment and maps especially.

For now however, we decided to unvault a specific weapon we received a lot of negative feedback for vaulting, which is Sigma Blade. We had originally planned to revamp and unvault the weapon sooner but complications rose and priorities shifted. Thank you for being patient.

A few balance changes are rolling out this patch, revolving around Plasma Sword and Railgun. See below:

Plasma Sword

Dash attack (RMB)
Decreased critical damage.


Charged attack (LMB Hold)
Decreased delay between shots by 300 ms.
Removed stagger effect on hit.

Upcoming Developer Letter

In other news, we are currently preparing a new developer letter that gives insight on current development and progress. With the next major update approaching, we feel like it's the appropriate time to clue you in on what we've been working on.

Expect news about a new client, anti-cheat, upcoming features and more!
Stay tuned!

That's it for today's update, we're looking forward to your feedback and suggestions in the future, see you on the Netsphere!

Xero Team

Premium Memberships & more!