Lightsabers and more! 10/03/22

Lightsabers hit the market very recently and they received an update making Strong Cut play unique SFX for every variant!
Since this is our most popular and bold weapon release yet we decided to make each Lightsaber a bit more distinctive with this patch!

Available until October 6th.


Visit the webshop for full previews!


After the latest experimental patch, there was varied feedback regarding vaulting some equipment. We know that changes aren't always positive for some, but we hope you understand that it's impossible to please the entire playerbase and one must look at the bigger picture.

The goal from these changes (and upcoming ones) is to set the game up for a potential playerbase increase, in a way that makes new players get into the game quicker and encourages them to stay.

As this was an experimental patch, nothing is really final. More balance changes are on the way affecting Railgun, Turret, Light Machinegun and Twin Blades among other things. No vaults however.


Starting next week, room events are making their way to Xero!
Moderators will create rooms daily with unique rules for an unusual experience and prizes!
A more detailed announcement for room events will be up next week.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Xero Team

Lightsabers and more!